Full-Suite Event Management

A simple, turn-key tool that provides event management solutions from social media to payment processing.

Cloud Managed

Viral Shows is a cloud-based system that gives you secure access to the business tools you need anytime, anywhere.


Put your brand front and center on your artist pages, event pages and the tickets generated for your events.


Enterprise Security

We use industry-standard encryption to process the payments of your fans as well as transmit payments to you.

Comprehensive Management Tools


Add your artists to your directory.  Include music, photos and videos.  Events for which they are booked will automatically populate on their events calendar. Give your artists a login so they can manage their own page.


Include the venues that frequently host your events.  Set capacities, add directions and include pictures and videos.  Allow your venues to log in and manage these pages themselves to reduce your work load.


Book your artists to venues by creating events.  Assign ticket prices or fixed prices from the venues.  Viral Shows will automatically generate links for buying tickets if the event requires them.


Ticket purchase and generation are directly integrated into Viral Shows.  It will automatically associate the artists and venues to these purchases and render your payments to them on your behalf.

Industry-Ready Features

Modern Event Listings

Your events will automatically populate on a local map and a clean and modern listing page. Allow your fans, users or customers to browse your events based on location or simply by an upcoming timeline.

Professional Event Pages

Your event pages will render in an industry standard and professional event format.  If tickets are still available for your event, links to buy them will automatically populate, driving customers to easily convert on ticket sales.

Organized Artist Listings

Allow your fans to easily and conveniently browse your selection of artists.  Organize them by genres or any other styles that best suit your selection.  Let fans listen to, watch and browse events for these artists right from your pages.

Are you a Venue Looking to Book?

If you are a venue that is looking to streamline your live entertainment booking and management, we’ve got just the solution. Sign up for free and have one of our experts do your bookings for you.

Enterprise Ticket Management

Viral Shows software provides a secure ticket purchase, generation and redemption system.  We provide a free downloadable app for your iPhone or Android that powers the entire process right from your smart phone.  This greatly decreases the technical overhead in planning and hosting large events.


Ticket Sales

A Tool for Many


If you own or operate a record label company, this tool is a perfect fit for you. A one-stop-shop for booking and managing your artists all across your area or region.  Additionally, our enterprise subscription offers the ability to create and stream your own internet radio stations where you can drive your listeners and earn additional revenue from advertising time.

Rep Groups

As a robust and easy-to-use event management tool, Viral Shows comes ready to create or expand your existing rep group or artist management business.  Whether you exist behind the scenes for your artists or are a brand-central rep group, let the Viral Shows technology dramatically increase your efficiency, professional presence and outreach.


With powerful event management and ticket purchase and redemption software, Viral Shows is a great tool for venues who currently manage or look to begin managing their own live entertainment.  With domain integration and professional design, allowing your customers to browse, purchase and attend shows can be done seamlessly from your existing website.

Are You an Artist?

If you’re interested in being booked by a the Viral Shows booking agent in your area, sign up for a completely (and always) free artist account. This allows our booking agents to view your profile, and set you up with gigs in your area for which you’d be a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to try?

No.  Our free service is completely free- no gimmicks or nickle-and-dime additional features. Our free version comes with everything you’d need to start your own artist management business.  If you’re interested in the Business Starter package, you can do a free one-month trial with no obligation or credit card required.  For enterprises looking to see the features we have to offer, please request a free demo and we’ll gladly reach out and talk about how Viral Shows can help elevate your business.

How many artists should I have to use this?

Anywhere from none to 100.  Our free version is great for music enthusiasts who want to make booking shows for their own band or a small group of friends easier.  If you’re looking to actually begin generating some decent revenue and start or grow and existing rep group or artist management business, our Business Starter package is a perfect fit. Our scalable and cloud-based infrastructure ensure that no matter how many events or artists you’re bringing into your business, Viral Shows can handle it with ease.

Do I have to be a local company or group?

For smaller operations, it is certainly easier to grow your presence and business within your local communities and regions.  However, the national scope of Viral Shows allows you to easily book and manage artists and venues all across the U.S. right from your smart phone or computer.

What are the benefits of the enterprise service?

Our Enterprise package is Viral Shows unleashed to support and grow your business.  It handles unlimited artists and venues as well as supports 100-10,000 attendee events without issue.  Our engineers will help you brand your Viral Shows technology with your logo and an amicable color scheme to give a seamless branding experience between your current website and your Viral Shows pages.  Additionally, we’ll do domain integration (i.e. events.yourbiz.com) to ensure people never have the sense of leaving your site when using the software.  Everything you need for event management, at an unbelievably affordable price.

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Plans and Pricing

We offer three plans to suit the needs of Viral Shows users. From free to Enterprise, these plans are sure to accommodate your goals and growth.

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